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Did you know that 90% of Internet surfers use search engines such as Yahoo, MSN or Google to find specific products or services they need? In order for these potential cutomers to find your Web site, it has to be optimized correctly for the search engine spiders to find it. Effective search engine optimization will significantly increase your company's Web exposure.

Most people new to search engine optimization are under the false assumption that once they submit their site to a list of search engines, they will automatically achieve high search engine rankings. In reality, search engine optimization goes far beyond simply submitting your site. Below are just a few tips on basic search engine optimization.

Search engines rank sites by content relevancy and will consider a variety of factors when ranking a Web site, including:

Web site content: People visit Web sites for content -- they want information. Sure, it helps if your site is visibly appealing as well. But, without the right content, the results of the user experience can be fatal to your business. They simply won't come back. Search engines rank Web sites based on how much relevant content they have to the search term query.

Meta tags: Meta tags are HTML tags that provide information describing the content of the pages a user will be viewing. In order for Meta tags to be effective, they need to correspond to the Web page they are associated with. To do this, the Meta tags must equal the content on the page. We will create these meta tags considering all the points listed above.

Site design: Your site should be easy to navigate for users and search engine spiders alike. You can do this by adding static navigation links on each page, and making the information accessible.

Choosing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company

Getting a Web site to the top of the search engine lists is a business in itself, and with many companies in the business that claim to specialize in search engine optimization, it is critical that you choose yours wisely. The wrong Search Engine Optimization company can potentially cause harm to your company's Web exposure. Follow these steps when choosing a Search Engine Optimization company:

Check out the search engine optimization firm's past business history.

Do some investigating on your own. Find out if the search engine optmimization company is ranked with the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and where they are ranked. This practice is often overlooked by people who are looking for search engine optimization service. Remember, if the SEO company you are about to contract with can't rank themselves high on the lists, how do they expect to rank your Web site?

Real people do it better. In order for a us to properly optimize your site, we need to research your company first, find out your competition, and what people are searching for in your type of business; something a computer program can't do. So try to stay away from companies that are 100% computer automated. With search engine algorithms changing at a moment's notice, computer programs are not always updated with the most current data.

Always ask the search engine optimization company how they rank sites. We don't use unethical practices, such as cloaking, doorway pages or hidden links/hidden text? Like some companies do. These practices are considered taboo by search engines and when they discover these tactics used on your Web site, they may ban your site. Not only will you lose your ranking, but you will also lose the money you put into a search engine optimization service. Do it right the first time, we have the knowledge to do it.

We are accessible to you . When searching for an SEO company, make sure you can easily reach that company you hire -- whether via phone or email. You want to connect with a human voice to ensure you will get the customer service you deserve. Remember this is your business -- get your questions answered BEFORE you buy.

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