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Computer Repair in Suffolk and Nassau Counties Long Island

Long Island Laptop Data Recovery-Transfer

Your system has just crashed and you need your pictures, word documents, excel files or the emails as soon as possible? Or you have jus got a new laptop and you want to transfer same files from your old one to the new laptop etc. Whatever the problem - you have come in the right place. We charge flat rates that depend of the size of the laptop hard drive that you have. Data Recovery Service covers many factors of Lost or Corrupted data by Windows and Hard Drive Boot Problems, some of the most common situations are listed below:

  • Windows Failure; data recovery, transfer and backup
  • Virus Attack / Damage
  • Windows Boot Failure
  • Deletion of Files
  • Operating System Not Found / Booting
  • Recycle Bin Recover
  • Software Failure
  • Missing / Formated Partitions
  • MBR Erased
  • Clicking Noises

Don't know what happened but you can not access your hard drive any more? Let us give you a free diagnostic. Tournaround time for data recovery is 24 hours or less in most cases.

Computer and Laptop / Hard Drive (IDE, SATA) In-Shop Data Recovery Services have FREE Diagnostic / Estimate and are priced at flat rates starting from $70 to $400. 24 hours are needed for most of the data recovery services; bring it in today, pick it up tomorrow.

In a hurry? Ask about our Express turn around times.

On-site data recovery and transfer services starting at $80 / hour.

Data Recovery is a simple procedure (only time consuming) as long as the BIOS recognizes the Hard Drive and the hard drive turns on which is about 80% of the time.
Only in about 20% of the cases when the hard drive has physical damage (in experience) cannot be recovered, or needs a more extensive process to recover the data.

Data Recovery-Transfer Services is for all Windows file systems and environments including all makes and models of Computers Laptops / Notebooks.

Long Island Computer Repair will come to you on your schedule for all your Long Island computer repair needs.

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LI Computer Repair

We fix computers and laptops in Long Island, NY. We specialize in virus and spyware removals, as well as all types of hardware or software related problems.

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